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The Ability Experience’s Gear Up Florida is known for its great line-up of programming and special events that take place over a two-week, 850-mile trek from Miami to Tallahassee. From the time you kick off in Miami until the time you arrive in Tallahassee your life will change more than you ever thought possible in a two-week period. Past participants say Gear Up Florida provides a heavy dose of life perspective that leaves them inspired and motivated to do more for people with disabilities. If you would like to get involved with a team event, but have summer commitments, Gear Up Florida is definitely the event for you. Apply now to build hope for the future.

Gear Up Florida 2016


Crew Training:

May 8 in Charlotte (Crew Only)


May 12 in Miami


May 15 in Miami


May 28 in Tallahassee

Team Size:

28 Cyclists / 8 Crew


$2,500 for Cyclists or $1,000 for Crew

*The dates above are currently tentative but will not vary greatly from what is listed. Team members will be notified and this page will be updated once the dates and itinerary for 2016 are confirmed.

Listed below are the application requirements for Gear Up Florida. Please read through each requirement carefully making sure that you have compiled all necessary information before starting the on-line application process.

  1. You need to complete each requirement listed below before starting your application.
  2. Upon receiving your application, the Director of Team Services will set up an interview.
  3. The entire process can take approximately two weeks from the time The Ability Experience office receives your application.
  4. A Gear Up Florida team member may be denied acceptance and/or removed from the team for any reason at the discretion of The Ability Experience staff.

 I am an associate, active or alumni member of Pi Kappa Phi in good standing with the chapter and national organization.
 I understand I am required to pay a $100 non-refundable registration fee upon acceptance to the roster.
 I have written my essay on why I want to participate in Gear Up Florida. (1,000 word max)
 I have a professional resume that is ready to submit.
 I have a fundraising profile picture ready to upload after application.
 I have a road style bicycle to use for training and the event.
 I have signed up online for Strava to track my training progress and have joined the The Ability Experience Cycling Events Group 2016.
 I have a detailed fundraising and training plan ready to submit (click here for example).
 I understand I will have fundraising and training benchmarks to complete throughout the year to stay on the roster.
 I understand I am required to attend a Regional Team Training in the fall and spring.
 I have read and understand the above requirements, and I am ready to begin the application process.


For questions or more information contact:
Director of Team Services
(704) 504-2400 ext. 5388 or